Hikvision Vertical Expertise Delivers Custom Surveillance Solutions to Canada

December 13, 2017


Hikvision has vertical-focused experts who consult with ends users, A&Es, dealers and distributors on tailored surveillance solutions for industries such as critical infrastructure, retail, and regional markets such as Canada.

HikWire sat down with Jason Guthrie, Hikvision’s business development manager for Canada end users, to discuss trends and how Hikvision is delivering customized security solutions for this important market segment.

HikWire: Tell us about your role.

Jason Guthrie: As the business development manager for all verticals in Canada, my role is to ensure market leaders are aware of the Hikvision brand. Our goal is to understand their security priorities, challenges and develop these organizations as strategic partners with Hikvision.

HikWire: What is unique about the Canada market?

Jason Guthrie: Canada has four major business centers in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Decision-making tends to be centralized and there is a concentration of companies headquartered in the greater Toronto area.

Healthcare funding is unique, because 70 percent of patient care and capital funding in Canada is financed by the government, in comparison to 46 percent in the US. In Canada, tax dollars pay for healthcare provided to every Canadian citizen. Cost is very important to healthcare end users, as they are required to balance budgets and meet high-level healthcare standards.

HikWire: What verticals are you focused on and what Hikvision solutions cater to those verticals? 

Jason Guthrie: Education, healthcare, retail and BOMA (building owners and managers) are key vertical markets in the region. Hikvision’s TurboHD video surveillance technology offers customers up to 5MP resolution while using their current coax cabling infrastructure, allowing them to improve video quality with a cost-conscious budget. Hikvision’s DarkFighterX low light video surveillance technology delivers full color video and images in low light to 0.001 lux. This technology is great for any organization looking for clear video footage, even when it is dark.

HikWire: What are the security trends that will drive decisions in 2018?

Jason Guthrie: There’s a lot of interest in deep learning technology. Hikvision is developing many deep learning vertical market applications that help with people counting, crowd control, entry/exit management, traffic and vehicle management, license plate recognition and more. Accurate human detection, face detection and recognition, and behavioral analysis are all improvements created by Hikvision’s application of deep learning technology.

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