Hikvision North America Launches New NVR GUI 4.0

January 05, 2018


Hikvision North America has launched the new and improved graphic user interface (GUI) 4.0, which offers enhancements to Hikvision NVR products.

The updated NVR GUI offers improved ease-of-use with a new “wizard” and a simplified structure that makes operating and programming Hikvision products much easier. GUI 4.0 is the newest version of the Hikvision firmware that changes the look and appearance of the NVR local GUI and web interface.   

Specifically, it enhances the Hikvision NVR experience with these features:

  • Brand new design: Newly-designed, flat UI, minimalist interface, and simple icons present an impressive and brand new experience.
  • User-friendly interaction: Dramatic changes have been made to create the NVR 4.0, making each function easier to use.
  • Enhanced Intelligent application: Many exciting intelligent features have been introduced such as smart data release and the HDD health management feature, making the NVR more powerful and reliable than ever before.

The new GUI will also allow Hikvision to launch the new Hikvision DeepinMind NVR with the human detection feature. The iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S nearly eliminates false alarms from non-human subjects (animals, vehicles, moving trees, changing lighting), reducing limitations of current video analytics.

Hikvision’s NVR 4.0 technology is available for these models: the I Series NVR, I Series Super NVR, and the DeepinMind series NVR. Upgrades are required for firmware, but not for hardware.

To download the updated firmware for Pro Series NVRs, click here; for Super NVRs click this link.

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