Hikvision Cybersecurity Director: Who Poses a Threat For Cybersecurity Breaches and Attacks?

December 04, 2017


Hikvision’s director of cybersecurity, Chuck Davis, together with the Hikvision Security Lab at Hikvision headquarters, is leading the cybersecurity program for Hikvision North America, overseeing all internal and external cybersecurity initiatives and programs in the region. As part of these efforts, Davis is offering tips and best practices that Hikvision partners and end users can implement to reduce vulnerabilities and security concerns.  

Davis says anyone who has access to the Internet could create a cybersecurity breach by exploiting viruses, malware, bots, or software vulnerabilities. Common terms for types of cyber threat actors include:

  • Cybercriminal – Someone who commits a crime in cyberspace
  • Hacktivist – An activist who hacks to promote their cause
  • Script Kiddie – A person who uses existing computer scripts or code to hack into computers, lacking experience to write their own
  • Black Hat – Also known as crackers, these are people who access systems without authorization, for malicious purposes 
  • White Hat – Also known as ethical hackers, white hat hackers test systems with permission, against known hacking attacks
  • Grey Hat – Someone who acts as a black hat and white hat hacker in different situations

To counteract these potential threats, Davis recommends that organizations routinely inventory infrastructure, ensure hardware and software is up to date, and update default passwords to complex passwords that include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. 

For more cybersecurity tips, view the most recent blog from Davis here.

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