Hikvision Adds Cybersecurity Credentials

May 05, 2017

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Adding to Hikvision’s growing list of cybersecurity credentials, Hikvision Corporate announced that it has completed the first phase of a cybersecurity project with Cisco, the IT, networking, and security powerhouse.

Hikvision has enlisted Cisco support regarding its recently announced cybersecurity project. The goal is to identify ways in which Cisco’s professional cybersecurity management experience, expertise,and technologies can help advance Hikvision’s cybersecurity efforts. Cisco experts reviewed results of the first phase of the project and provided advice for subsequent phases.

Weiqi Wu, VP at Hikvision, said that Hikvision is committed to the highest possible levels of cybersecurity. "Although the company's cybersecurity best practices are industry-leading, cybersecurity efforts must be ongoing. Going forward, Hikvision will continue to assess and improve its cybersecurity efforts in the R&D process, and strengthen its research on security technologies. Hikvision will also continue to deepen its communication with the world's top-notch cybersecurity companies, such as Cisco, to further improve cybersecurity in the security industry."

For reference, here are Hikvision Cybersecurity Resources highlights.

Please visit the Hikvision Security Center for links to information about: Network and Information Security Lab; The Hikvision Security Response Center; ISO/IEC 27001 certification; and more, including a new resource for installers, The Hikvision Network Security Hardening Guide.

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