Catering to Retail, Hikvision Offers Cost-Effective Solutions

August 08, 2017


Hikvision’s vertical-focused teams work with ends users, A&Es, dealers and distributors on tailored solutions for markets such as retail.

HikWire sat down with Hikvision’s director of retail sales Cliff Miller to get an overview of what’s new and how Hikvision approaches this important market segment.

HikWire: Tell us about your role.

Cliff Miller: As the director of retail sales for Hikvision North America my primary responsibility is retail business development which includes brand awareness and support for end users and dealer channels. I also support our enterprise and regional sales teams with retail-specific expertise.

HikWire: What are retailers looking for in terms of security systems?

Cliff Miller: Retailers want cost-effective, high-value solutions that can leverage existing technologies at their stores. They are excited about video analytics that support loss prevention, marketing and operations. Analytics such as people counting and heat mapping technology can measure the impact of an ad campaign or inform level of traffic flow into stores and around specific in-store displays to gauge effectiveness.  This information is extremely valuable for retailers.

HikWire: Tell us about a unique solution that Hikvision offers to the retail vertical.

Cliff Miller: Hikvision’s TurboHD HDTVI lineup lets retailers install our technology with their existing cable infrastructure. It saves customers money while providing up to 5MP resolution on coaxial cables. Plus, Hikvision TurboHD supports IP technology in addition to legacy systems, so retailers can migrate over at a later date, which offers them additional value.

HikWire: Where is the future of security in the retail vertical headed?

Cliff Miller: There’s a lot of exciting innovation happening. Deep learning technology can be used for more accurate analytics. An example would be an analytic that gives the retailer demographic information they can use to improve conversion rates. We’ll also be seeing more cloud-based solutions that offer cost-effective options for retailers because they don’t require a lot of infrastructure investment.

Find more information about Hikvision in the retail sector here.

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